About Us

Computer Motherboard Repair College, which began in 2003 after realizing the need for practical technical training in electronics is an institution that focuses on providing technical knowledge that goes a long way help in understanding computer motherboard design , its operation, troubleshooting and repairing it. In this our modern world where everything is becoming computerized, having a functional knowledge of how these gadgets function and repairing them is a basic need. Because of this, we have  put more emphasis on the practical aspect of electronic repair,
We, at Computer Motherboard Repair College, are dedicated to make you a very practical electronic technician who will solve faults in  almost any electronic motherboard by taking  you fully on how to read and understand motherboard schematic diagrams; where we discuss the main motherboard signals, processor VIDs, crystal signal frequency and testing, actually repairing a dead motherboard  by replacing a any component including the bga( north bridge, south bridge e.t.c) and much much more. When our students graduate and get into the market they are always the best.Now tighten you seat belt if you didnt believe that these complicated repairs can be done by you once you get an expert to walk you through the whole process. Most motherboards that are always discarded to be useless normally have very minor faults including just replacing a MOSFET at less that $3 and it comes back to life!
Join us today and see the joy of pursuing a course of your choice and witness your computer repair skills skyrocket and become a pro in this lucrative business of computer repair plus get access to closely confidential information that companies are hiding from the the public in the schematic diagrams!